Andre Ward says Sergey Kovalev needs more than power to beat him

October 17, 2016

The bout between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev has many people split on who is going to win.  It’s Ward’s top notch boxing IQ vs Kovalev’s tremendous power.  Both boxers are almost always in the top ten for pound for pound rankings.  Vegas odds are close to 50/50.

Andre Ward, as you could guess, is very confident that he will be able to overcome Kovalev’s power.  He said this to BoxingScene:

In terms of the actual matchup…. this is why you have to tune in, this is why you have to be there.  I just know that I’m going to get in tremendous shape, the best possible physical shape that I can get it.  I’m coming to win.  I don’t get caught up in reputations.  I’ve fought big punchers before.  I’m sure that whatever they are saying about his punching power is legit, but it’s going to take more than that to beat me…There are different nuances, there are ebbs and flows.  I’m not afraid, and that’s what happens with a lot of guys.  They get in there with Kovalev and freeze, and then he has a field day – but it’s not going to happen in this fight.

There is obviously no way that Ward is going to freeze up, but no matter what he says Kovalev has the power to knock him out with one punch.  This is going to be a great fight.