Blow-by-blow: Tyson-Joshua comp, Canelo-Pacquiao, more

December 12, 2016

By CJ Russell

Not really too much in the way of fresh news today, mostly fallout from the busy weekend.  Lots going on in the boxing world these days!

– The Anthony JoshuaWladimir Klitschko hype train is in full effect.  The fight is said to be worth upwards of fifty million bucks, and will break every record when it comes to British boxing revenue.  Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn says it could do 1.5 milliion PPV buys, and there could be 90K in attendance at Wembly Stadium on April 29th.  Despite the massive hype, a lot of people question how good a fight this is going to be.  Klitschko is 40 now, and did not look like his old self in his last fight against Tyson Fury, which was over a year ago. Joshua has mowed down all of his opposition, and Klitschko could suffer the same fate.  However, as Bad Left Hook points out, Joshua is a much different fighter than Fury, and Klitschko’s loss against him may not be indicative of what he’ll look like against Joshua.  The main point is that Joshua doesn’t have the huge height advantage that Fury had, which allowed him to stay outside and “poke” Klitschko to win by an extremely boring decision.  Joshua isn’t going to be able to do that.  Check out Joshua’s interview on the fight here:

– Also Joshua-related, I’ve seen a comparison of his and Mike Tyson’s early careers going around in comment sections and on blogs.  Here’s an example:

Ok, so on the surface that’s kind of interesting.  Everyone is bashing Joshua for facing bums, but his opposition in his early career has (much) better records than Mike Tyson, who is thought to have had one of the best early careers of anyone.  But if you look even a little bit below the surface you’ll find that it’s a deeply flawed comparison.   Guess what period of time Tyson’s first 18 pro fights came in?  Eleven months!  Eleven!  Guess how long it took Joshua to get to 18 pro fights? Three years and two months!  Over three times as long!  Tyson fought 27 times before his huge breakout fight against Trevor Berbick where he won the heavyweight title at 20 years old.  Those fights were over a period of only two and a half years.  Joshua has been hyped to no end for the last two years beating next to nobody.  Joshua is a good fighter, who could end up unifying the heavyweight titles, but there is no comparison.  Sorry.

– We’ve discussed the possibility of Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido II taking place in March, and negotiations are supposed to start this week.  Salido’s manager, Sean Gibbons, believes the fight will happen and that his fighter will win again.  I think this fight will probably happen, and I think Lomachenko will dominate this time around

– I mentioned this a little bit in the fight recap post, but Jermall Charlo called out Canelo Alvarez after he dominated Julian Williams on Saturday.  I think Charlo is an absolute beast.  He’s got a ton of power and a ton of talent.  He is also a cocky jerk that a lot of people are probably going to dislike, which is probably good for boxing because it’s going to create a lot of interest.  Alvarez is going to have to fight him eventually, and I think Charlo could beat him, though I don’t think he’s earned the shot just yet.  They are both young (though Alvarez is a very old 26, Charlo is the same age) so there is a lot of time.  But there’s no way Golden Boy is going to let that happen before he faces GGG (and I am doubting that fight will happen this year).  Check out Charlo’s vicious KO of Williams here:

– Also on Canelo, if you remember, Freddie Roach said he wants Pacquiao-Canelo.  The more I think about it, the more I think it’s going to happen.  Why else would Canelo be staying at 154 upon return from injury?  He isn’t staying down in weight to fight Jermall Charlo, I’ll tell you that much.  I think Golden Boy and Top Rank are negotiating an Alvarez-Pacquiao mega fight.  It doesn’t look like Mayweather is coming out of retirement, so what’s the second biggest possible payday for Pacquiao?  I could be wrong, but I think all signs are pointing to this fight happening in mid to late 2017.