Charlo drops Williams 3 times, calls out Canelo after victory

December 10, 2016

By CJ Russell

Jermall Charlo vs Julian “J Rock” Williams came as advertised!  It was an exciting, technical fight that was very even through four rounds, despite a second round jab from Charlo that knocked Williams down.

Both fighters were countering basically everything the other was throwing the whole fight.  I think Williams actually edged out all of the first four rounds other than the one he was knocked down.  That being said, Williams wasn’t really hurting Charlo with anything he was throwing.  Charlo had a significant size advantage, he is a big junior middleweight.

Things took a quick turn for the worst for Williams when Charlo landed a gigantic uppercut that spun him around and sent him face down on the floor.  Williams got up again, but Charlo dropped him for the last time with a flurry of crushing blows, and the referee called it off.  A highlight reel KO from Charlo and a great fight.

There was a ton of drama after it was all over.  Charlo completely snubbed Williams when he came over to congratulate him, and the crowd booed loudly.  The corners began to yell at each other and security had to break everything off.

When Charlo was interviewed (Williams was in the locker room getting checked out), he “apologized” for losing his cool but said that Williams should have respected him more before the fight.  Charlo and his twin brother then called out Canelo Alvarez (“Where you at Cinnamon?”) to fight.  Charlo is good.  I think he could give Canelo his biggest test in a while.

Charlo was booed a ton more while leaving the ring, and some fans poured water on him.  It was quite a scene, and despite the poor show of sportsmanship it was great to see so much emotion shown in a fight.  Memorable stuff.