Crawford's trainer slams Pac and Roach, Roach wants Pac-Canelo

December 9, 2016

By CJ Russell

A lot of Manny Pacquiao fans have been clamoring for a fight between the Filipino senator and Terence Crawford for well over a year now.  It’s a fight that makes a lot of sense.  Both are in Bob Arum’s Top Rank stable, they are close together in weight class, it would be a competitive fight that would either propel Crawford into superstardom or solidify Pacquiao’s legacy in his late career, and it would be a PPV hit.  There were a couple of times it looked like the fight could happen, but nothing has materialized.

Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre said the other day that Pacquiao’s hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach didn’t want the two to fight, and according to Boxing News McIntyre he has doubled down on those statements.  He said that Pacquiao should offer the same “passing of the torch” to Crawford that Oscar De La Hoya supposedly did for him.

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“Oscar was man enough to accept Manny’s challenge.  It’s part of the cycle of life in boxing.  Handing off the torch to the successor.  Manny should be man enough to do the same thing.”

McIntyre also said that Pac has some big flaws that Crawford can exploit. “Manny is a great fighter but he is limited.  Manny is a machine and to beat him you need to offset him.  Once an envelope gets stuck in a sorter it jams.  That’s what Terence will do to Manny.  Offset him.  Because once Manny is offset, he cannot adapt.”

“There is no excuse,” McIntyre went on to say.  Manny and Freddie say Manny walks around at 140lbs.  Both are world champions. Both are Top 10 pound for pound fighters.  It’s a natural.  But it takes two to make a fight.  Terence only lacks the opportunity to take over the spot that Manny and Floyd Mayweather used to hold as the pound for pound star of the sport.”

Indeed, Freddie Roach has spoken very cautiously about a fight between his fighter and Crawford.  According to, he said “We may end up with that fight.  It’s a very, very difficult fight.  He’s maybe like a young Mayweather I feel – but he’s a little better puncher than Mayweather.  He’s a dangerous guy.  That could be our next fight.  If we don’t get a rematch with Mayweather and so forth, then that’s a fight we may need to take because we still want to be on top of the game.  We can’t just fight stiffs.  We have to fight the best guys out there.”

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Going by that, it really doesn’t sound like Roach wants that fight to happen.  In fact, he said that there is a different fighter that he would rather Pacquiao fight, who is certainly no stiff.

“I like [Canelo] Alvarez a little bit better [for Pacquiao], bu the thing is can I put a cap on how much he gains after the weigh-in?  That’s the key.  The IBF rule [regarding their fight day rehydration clause], 10 pounds, something like that [is needed for the fight].  I’m really not worried what he weighs going into the weigh-in.  I’m worried about how much eh puts on, howmuch bigger he is with Manny.  By fight time, this guy is a light heavyweight for Christ’s sake.”

“I’d rather have the fight at 147 of course, but we’d have to do a catch-weight.  I think that’s the issue that’s keeping that fight not happening right away.  I’m sure that Golden Boy and Top Rank would both love to have that fight, because I think it’s a very competitive fight.”

Yeah, Golden Boy and Top Rank would definitely love that fight, because it would probably get the most ever PPV buys behind Mayweather-Pacquiao.  That would be a huge fight and would be hyped up to no end.  I just have a hard time seeing the weight problem worked out.  Canelo looked gigantic at 154 against Liam Smith and I would imagine that it’s really hard for him to make that weight.  I don’t know how high Pacquiao is willing to go, but there is a huge gap between the two.

Just a thought, maybe this is why Canelo is planning on staying at 154 when he comes back in January.  Seemed like a really weird decision when De La Hoya announced it, but if they are coordinating a Pacquiao-Canelo megafight it makes a lot more sense.

There’s a lot to this situation, and we’ll have some more analysis on everything forthcoming.  But for now, what do you think?  Should Pacquiao face Crawford, Canelo, or somebody else?


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