Deontay Wilder may return to the ring in February

December 20, 2016

After a period of inactivity from a bicep injury, Deontay Wilder is planning on fighting again on February 25th of next year.

His opponent would be Polish contender Andrezej Wawrzyk (33-1-0), and would take place in Birmingham, Alabama which is Wilder’s hometown, according to  Wawrzyk is the 29th ranked heavyweight according to BoxRec and has never faced an opponent of note.

I will give a Wilder a free pass on this fight since he is coming back from injury, but I hope that he faces a credible opponent in 2017.  He has been calling out other fighters and saying he’s going to unify the titles for years, but still hasn’t fought an elite opponent.

Hopefully the fight between Wilder and Anthony Joshua can happen within the next year or so.  Joshua is a superstar in the United Kingdom, and though Wilder’s profile isn’t as big as Joshua’s I think that fight could be huge in the United States.  A big time heavyweight bout would be great for the sport.

Whether or not that fight will happen largely hinges on how big of a risk Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn is willing to take with his cash cow.  British fans were going absolutely insane just to watch Joshua fight the completely overmatched Eric Molina earlier this month.  I tend to think that Hearn will hold off on having Joshua face an opponent that he has a good chance of losing to (which I’m thinking he’s not putting Wladimir Klitschko in that category).  From where I’m standing it seems like Joshua’s fans are happy with him KO’ing whoever steps into the ring with him, so I don’t see why Hearn would have much incentive to take any more of a risk with him at this point.  It will be interesting to see what transpires in the heavyweight division next year.