Errol Spence Jr. tired of Garcia, Thurman

October 14, 2016

Errol Spence Jr. is seen by many as one of the most promising young fighters today.  He has knocked out 18 of his 21 professional opponents.  He was able to do something that Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan weren’t able to do, and that’s stop Chris Algieri inside the distance.  He KO’d then undefeated Leonard Bundu in five rounds.

It seems that his fellow welterweights Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman have either been writing him off, or avoiding him.  Spence had a bit to say about this today to FightHype:

“It’s annoying that Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia keep writing me off. I don’t think Keith Thurman had anything to say recently. I put on a better performance than he did against Bundu. If you look at Keith Thurman’s face after the fight, he was all bruised up and swollen. If you look at my face after the fight, I went out that same night and hung out with my guys,”

“Even Chris Algieri. You see how Chris Algieri did with Amir Khan and then you see how I did Chris Algieri. That was a real close fight against Khan. They were going at it and I made it a one-sided fight against Algieri. Danny Garcia about to fight a guy that I stopped in the 4th round and it was one-sided as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what Danny does in that fight and if he could stop him before I did.”

“But yeah, it gets frustrating when they keep writing me off. They try to find a reason why I’m not ready for them or the top guys and that does get kind of frustrating. But I’ma get there. I’m right in line and once I get this title, we will see if they have another excuse why they shouldn’t unify the belts with me. Hopefully Danny and Keith fight each other and then I’ll fight the winner.”

Strong words by Spence.  Hopefully he can fight the winner of the Garcia-Thurman fight.  I’d bet Spence would beat either one of them  What do you think?