GGG's promoter says they're willing to bend to make Canelo fight happen

October 20, 2016

Tom Loeffler of K2 promotions says that in order to make the mega fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez happen, his team would be willing to offer concessions, according to BoxingScene.

“The negotiations are progressing,” said Loeffler.  “We’d like them to go a little faster, but it’s such a big fight, between number one and number two in the middleweight division, and it’s a fight that boxing fans want to see.  So hopefully we’ll have it wrapped up shortly and be able to announce it for next year.

On the prospect of a 50/50 purse split, he said “You could make an argument either way.  Gennady has unified many of the titles and it’s been hard work.  While Canelo is a proven pay per view star – Gennady himself has proved he can sell out arenas in NY, LA, and London.  Canelo has sold 50k tickets in Dallas.  It’s just working out a deal that makes sense for both sides.

Golovkin however, didn’t sound so optimistic on the prospect of a 2017 fight.  Abel Sanchez, his trainer, thinks that Golden Boy’s offer is “ridiculous,” and GGG said this:

“I do not know if the fight with Canelo is possible, one of the problems is the money.  What they offer is a problem.  I have no problem to fight, it can be done anytime.  I’m ready to step into the ring at any time.  I don’t know if Canelo is ready.  You have to go and ask him.  I hope the fight happens next year.  My next fight could be with him – no problem and [we can do it] anywhere.  I’m ready right now, but the problem is with his team.”

Apparently Golden Boy is still wanting to give Golovkin a flat fee, but he wants a percentage split of the revenue.

So not exactly encouraging stuff. This fight really needs to happen soon, as GGG isn’t getting any younger.  Golovkin certainly deserves a good amount of the money since he is the champion at this point and can bring in a big audience of his own, it is pretty unfortunate that they can’t come up with something.  What do you think?  Should GGG take less money to make the fight happen?