Jacobs' trainer: GGG should worry about Jacobs' power!

December 5, 2016

In a pretty good interview with Boxing News, Danny Jacobs‘ trainer Andre Rozier talked about how he feels that Jacobs has a great chance to beat Gennady Golvkin in their fight that is being negotiated for next March.

Among other things, Rozier talked about how he feels that Kell Brook exposed some weaknesses in Golovkin, and if Brook was a bigger fighter the result of that bout may have been different.

One big question about Jacobs is whether or not his chin will hold up against GGG’s power.  Jacobs was KO’d by Dmitry Pirog in 2010 and was knocked down by Sergio Mora last year.  When asked about this subject Rozier said, “‘GGG’ is going to have to worry about the power of Jacobs. They have virtually the same KO percentage. Danny is a lot faster than ‘GGG.’ And he has better footwork.”

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We’ll see about that.  Jacobs might be faster, but if Golovkin is able to cut off the ring like he always does so well, his speed could be neutralized.  Jacobs’ last 14 wins have come by stoppage though, and he boasts an 87% KO percentage (compared to Golovkin’s 92%)  so he certainly does have good power.  Golovkin however has shown nothing but an iron chin throughout his career, though Jacobs does have better power than most of the opposition he’s faced.

Rozier went on to predict that Jacobs will win by 12 round decision.  That would certainly be something.  GGG has NEVER been taken a full twelve rounds, which is pretty unbelievable.  A couple of his fights were by decision, but they were 8 and 4 rounders.  Pretty interesting prediction by Rozier that Jacobs would be the one to break that trend.

Hopefully this fight will get finalized soon, it should be a decent one but it’s crazy that it’s taken so long to negotiate.  It’s supposed to be a pay-per-view fight on HBO though, which I definitely do not feel that it is worthy of.

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