Juan Manuel Marquez willing to go to 148lbs to fight Miguel Cotto

October 19, 2016

As previously reported, Juan Manuel Marquez is trying to fight one more time.  One fight that has been heavily discussed for him is with Miguel Cotto, but it hasn’t happened because they haven’t been able to decide on a weight.

Marquez previously hadn’t budged on fighting above the welterweight limit of 147, but according to Sky Sports he is calling for Cotto to fight him at a catchweight of 148.

Marquez told ESPN Deportes, “There would have to be an agreement on the weight. He and his team wanted to fight at 150 or 151, which I believe is particularly a lot of weight.  Maybe there could be a maximum weight of 148, because we are already giving away an advantage the following day. How much weight will he put on?”

“Here is the important thing, Cotto is a great fighter and it would be an interesting fight for the fans, but it is also necessary to see what the weight would be.”

“Freddie Roach had mentioned that [Cotto] was able to make the 147 limit – now why can’t he give me [a limit of] 147 if he wants to fight with me?”

What do you think about this matchup?  A lot of people would love to see another fight between Marques and Manny Pacquiao, but this wouldn’t be a bad fight.