Lennox Lewis: Fury's Mind Games Beat Klitschko

November 30, 2015

-OpeningRound Staff

If there’s one person who knows a thing or two about being a heavyweight champion from the UK, it’s Lennox Lewis. And he has an interesting take on why Tyson Fury was able to shock the world and dethrone longtime heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday.

Per The Mirror, Lewis claims Tyson Fury won not so much because of his size and reach advantage, but because he was able to get into the former champion’s head and outfox him at mind games, and make him fight his fight..


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“I thought that Wladimir Klitschko didn’t show up and that Tyson Fury played the ultimate mind games with him,” said Lewis from ringside.

“Tyson Fury got into Wladimir Klitschko’s mind about how robotic he is and Tyson Fury for being a 6ft 9ins heavyweight, was much more fluid and relaxed than I thought he could be for being so big. Tyson Fury fought the fight he needed to fight. Fury fought smart and kept Wladimir Klitschko off balance. It wasn’t exciting, but it was enough.”

There was also a ton of gamesmanship and bizarre antics before the fight. Fury dressed as batman in a prefight presser beating up someone dressed as the joker, the fight had to be postponed because of a Klitschko injury, Fury threatened to pull out of the fight twice during fight week (because he didn’t like the gloves and because the ring canvas was too soft), and during the open media workouts, Fury decided to taunt Klitschko by singing to him. He even told Wladimir that he thought he smelled like women’s perfume at the final press conference before the fight.

Love him or hate him, Fury’s antics and charisma have become as infamous as his 6’9 frame and rare boxing skills and agility for a man of that size. Fury and Klitschko are expected to fight in a rematch in April or May of 2016 that will surely contain the same kind of trash talk and gamesmanship times 200.

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