OpeningRound exclusive dialogue with SpoilerFacts: Top 20 facts about Manny Pacquiao

February 13, 2016

 OpeningRound exclusive dialogue with SpoilerFacts: Top 20 facts about Manny Pacquiao

-OpeningRound Staff

Our staff recently had the pleasure of sitting down with SpoilerFacts, the fastest growing provider of awesomely fun facts online, and we asked them a serious question: Who really is Manny Pacquiao? Luckily, they came prepared with a set of intriguing facts about Manny Pacquiao that may or may not blow your mind. You be the judge.

Here it is:

20. When Pacquiao was a child, he wanted to become a priest.

Pacquaio praying

19. Pacquiao is so popular in his home country that despite not even being part of the team, he carried the flag for Philippines at the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Pacquiao olympics

18. The Phillippine army, as dictated by law, will protect Pacquiao and his family in case of any danger.

Pacquiao army

17. Manny grew up in extreme poverty, and left home when he was 14 because his single mother could not afford to raise him and his 5 other siblings. While homeless, and before Pacquiao became a boxer, he worked as a gardener and construction worker. He also sold donuts and water on the streets.


16. Pacquiao’s luxurious mansion in General Santos City, Mindanao is secured by armed guards 24/7. He actually owns 5 homes in various parts of the world, including a mansion in Beverly Hills that once belonged to P. Diddy.

Pacquiao family

15. He is a tenured actor and has actually acted in several films, including Anak ng Kumander, Brown Soup Thing and Wapakman.

14. The guy is uber rich and ranked No. 11 in Forbes 2014 list of World’s Highest Paid Athletes with a total of $41.8 million. Of that less than $1 million came from endorsements.


13. Pacquiao is a baller. He is the shortest man to ever play professional basketball in the Philippines.

Boxing icon Pacquiao plays professional basketball

12. Manny Pacquiao is also a singer. He released a single called “Sometimes When We Touch”  in the Philippines. He has two platinum selling albums!

11. Manny Pacquiao’s first ever loss in his professional career was in 1996 against Rustico Torrecampo. The reason? He had to wear weighted glove because he didn’t make weight due to being undersized. This chipped away at his endurance during the match.



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10. Manny has stated that he may be interested in running for President of the Philippines when he retires. He has always had political ambitions, and a run for the presidency may be well in reach.

Manny Pacquiao is selling his smaller LA home after buying Beverly Hills mansion

9. Manny Pacquiao owns a crazy number of vehicles – 22 to be exact – including a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.



8. Manny is the only octuple champion in professional boxing history. He has won: WBC’s flyweight, super featherweight, lightweight, super welterweight, IBF’s super bantamweight, and WBO’s welterweight.

Malignaggi thinks Pacquiao faked his shoulder injury

7. He is super popular in the Philippines. When Pacquiao has a fight, the crime rate in the Philippines drops to zero because even criminals would not miss one of his fights.

Pacquiao: I want a rematch, I was only 60% for Mayweather

6. Manny recorded his own entrance song for the Mayweather fight.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.24.19 AM

5. Pacquiao, a Congressman himself, has a wife that is the Vice Governor of Sarangani.

Manny wife

4. He owns a basketball team in the Philippines.

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3. Manny is the first Filipino boxer and athlete to appear on a postage stamp.Pacquiao-Stamp

2. Manny’s father, Rosalio Pacquiao, left their family for another woman when he was young. When Manny turned fifteen, his father killed his beloved dog around the same time he left GenSan to go to Manila. These events, according to Manny, led him to held bitterness against his father for quite some time.

manny father


1. Finally, what’s more badass than doing your own tattoo? His first tattoo, a figure of a boxing glove, was done by Manny Pacquiao himself. Crazy, right?



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