Result of tonight's fight is a moment of truth for V-Lom

November 26, 2016

In just a few short hours, Vasyl Lomachenko and Nicholas Walters will square off in what will surely be a turning point in both of their careers.

Lomachenko has the skills to be one of the biggest stars in boxing.  Bob Arum of Top Rank has called him the greatest talent he’s seen since Muhammad Ali. You could definitely chalk this up being one of Arum’s hyperboles, but it still speaks to the talent of the Ukrainian star.

The odds for this fight are 11-1 in Lomachenko’s favor, but this is still going to be a big test for him.  For some, questions still linger from his loss against Orlando Salido in 2014.  Many think he was exposed in that fight.  I tend to think he was at a huge disadvantage in that fight (Salido’s weight and constant low blows) and has already answered most of the questions that came from that loss.   I would say that a dominating win against Walters would silence the critics that say Lomachenko is all hype and isn’t the P4P star that many make him out to be.  An early stoppage or lopsided decision win for Loma would solidify his status as undeniably one of the top talents in boxing.

The other big question that this fight will answer for Lomachenko is the quality of his chin.  It hasn’t really been tested (at least in his pro fights), and I would imagine that we will know for sure whether Loma has a chin if Walters can get a few of his big punches in there.

Aside from whether or not fans and critics think he’s a top boxer, this win could catapult Lomachenko’s career into superstardom.  Arum has talked about him potentially facing Manny Pacquiao next year if he beats Walters, and while this seems unlikely to me, it shows you the direction that he wants to take his fighter.

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For Walters, this fight represents an opportunity to turn his career around from the rough patch it’s been in for the last couple years.  He was robbed in his last fight, which he clearly won, but it was scored a draw.  In the fight before that he lost his belt on the scales.  If he can upset Lomachenko tonight I hope that he decides to be a little more active in his career than he has been the last two years.

One thing that I do worry about a bit in this fight is that if it goes to decision, Lomachenko could get the big benefit of the doubt. It feels like he is clearly the fighter that the boxing overlords want to win.  I don’t think that it will come to that, but it is something that some writers have brought up, and it doesn’t seem like something that’s completely out of the realm of possibility.

Regardless of what happens I think this will be an action packed fight, which I am very excited for.  Be sure to check out our live blog here about 30 minutes prior to fight time (10:30 ET).

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