Sanchez: Golovkin will fight four times in 2017

December 1, 2016

After only fighting two times this year, Kazakhstani fighter Gennady Golovkin is looking to be more active in 2017.

A lot of people criticize GGG for never having faced a top class opponent, but you certainly can’t criticize him for not fighting enough.  Going back to his pro debut in 2006 there are only four years where he faced less than three fighters, and in those years he fought twice.  He fought six and five times in a single year once each, and four times in a year twice.  In 2016 he was supposed to fight three times, but since the fight with Danny Jacobs fell through he was left without an opponent for the end of the year.


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Golovkin is going to turn 35 on April 8th, so the clock is starting to tick on him.  He needs to score his big fight next year or it could be too late.  According to, his trainer Abel Sanchez says the time is now for GGG.  He is hoping to fight Canelo Alvarez, Danny Jacobs, Billy Joe Saunders, and Carl Froch, and Sanchez mentioned those four names specifically.

“Golovkin will fight in March.  And then he fights in June again.  He fights in Kazakstan.  And Golovkin will fight in September.  And Golovkin will hopefully fight in December.  If it’s one of the guys we mentioned, great.  If it’s not, we’re gonna fight.  He’s 34 years old.”

So GGG will fight, there seems to be no doubt about that.  But who he will fight is the big question.  He could very well face ZERO  of the four opponents that Sanchez mentioned.

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If he fights Jacobs, it would be in March.  I think this fight will get made, but I thought that it would in December and it didn’t happen.  Supposedly negotiations are going well, but you never know.

The much discussed fight with Canelo Alvarez would be in September, and I wrote yesterday about what Canelo is planning to do next year.  He supposedly plans to fight GGG, but I am not counting on this fight to happen at all.  If Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De La Hoya think they can keep milking it and not totally destroy Alvarez’s reputation (which has taken a blow, but he still did 300k PPV buys against Liam Smith so I doubt De La Hoya is losing sleep over that) I bet they will.

Golovkin could fight Billy Joe Saunders for his title, but I feel like Saunders is more likely to face Alvarez in May.  If Saunders is going to get KO’d by one of the two, I bet he would prefer Alvarez because he would make more money.  Saunders has called out Golovkin multiple times in the last year, but has seemingly gone out of his way to duck him.

I don’t think the Froch fight has any chance of happening.  He is retired, end of story.  I don’t know why it’s still being talked about.

So like I said, it’s easy to see any of those fights not happening.  I don’t know who Golovkin would fight if none of those materialize.  Fighters above him in weight such as Andre Ward and James DeGale have said that they want to fight him, so if Golovkin can’t land Saunders, Alvarez, or Jacobs it may be time to move up before it’s too late.

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