SHOCK: Andre Ward Wins by questionable UD

November 20, 2016

114-113 was the what all three judges scored on the biggest fight of 2016, with Andre Ward taking Sergey Kovalev‘s three light heavyweight titles.

Kovalev knocked down Ward in the 2nd round and dominated in the early going.  Ward certainly got some momentum back in the middle of the fight, but it really seemed to me that Kovalev was landing the big shots throughout the fight and should have been the victor.

Kovalev, in the post-fight interview seemed pretty upset and very disappointed in the decision.  He said it was the wrong decision.  He said “of course I want a rematch.”

This was definitely a great fight though, and lived up to the expectations that have been built for it throughout the year.  It is going to be one that I certainly will watch again in the morning to see if I see something different.  Congrats to Ward, and I hope there will be a rematch, which Ward said he would be willing to give in his post-fight interview.  Check for more follow up on this huge fight.