Shots Fired...Cotto Rips Canelo And His Team To Shreds

September 16, 2015

-OpeningRound Staff

WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto (40-4, 33KOs) was in no mood for niceties yesterday, angrily ripping his next opponent Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (45-1-1, 32KOs), and his trainers Eddy Reynoso and Jose “Chepo” Reynoso. In what will surely be another exciting chapter in the Mexico Vs Puerto Rico rivalry, their HBO Pay-Per-View fight will take place on November 21 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Cotto was miffed by comments that were made by them about his recent opposition, that he was being a diva and over the top with his demands during negotiations, and other disparaging statements.

What angered Cotto the most, was that Canelo and the Reynosos were very friendly during the four city promotional tour and never once made any comments in his direction or the direction of his trainer, Freddie Roach. However, that suddenly changed when Cotto wasn’t around, which in his words was “cowardly.”


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“Throughout the promotional tour Saul and Reynoso were very friendly and cordial,” Cotto said. “The man who takes advantage of the absence of his opponent, in order to open his mouth, is a coward.”

“All you have to do is put on paper all of the achievements of Freddie Roach, the number of world champions with whom he has worked with, and what Miguel Cotto [has accomplished] before coming to Freddie. What Reynoso [has done] can be written on a small page.”

“We’re not here trying to deceive anyone. Freddie Roach is a coach who can easily be the ‘Trainer of the Year’ and he’s done wonderful things in my career. The only things Canelo can say about Reynoso is that he had 42 fights [with him], that he was undefeated at one time, and when he went up against his first major challenge [with Floyd Mayweather] he looked like a rookie. And with that simple matter, then [we have to ask] what is their pedigree?”

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