Tyson Fury: "Klitschko Is A Devil Worshiper"

December 5, 2015

-OpeningRound Staff

Tyson Fury is known just as much for his antics and mind games as he is for his rare boxing ability and athleticism for a man of 6’9 and 240+ lbs. There was no shortage bizarre antics and mind games before his stunning upset defeat of longtime former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Fury dressed as batman in a pre-fight presser beating up someone dressed as the joker, the fight had to be postponed because of a Klitschko injury, Fury threatened to pull out of the fight twice during fight week (because he didn’t like the gloves and because the ring canvas was too soft), and during the open media workouts, Fury decided to taunt Klitschko by singing to him. He even told Wladimir that he thought he smelled like women’s perfume at the final press conference before the fight. 


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And to continue his ridiculous antics, he sang Aerosmith “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” to his wife and the crowd after his victory over Klitschko last Saturday.

Now that Klitschko officially confirmed that he will exercise his right to an immediate rematch with Tyson Fury, the war or words and mind games has begun again. And Fury’s antics may be even more ridiculous this time. Now he’s calling Klitschko a devil worshipper.

“To be honest with you, I know Klitschko is a devil worshipper,” Fury told the Daily Mail . “You can go on YouTube and watch him playing with magic and all that sort of stuff, Wladimir, and all these rock stars and singers and these famous people, it’s common knowledge that they are all involved in a cult group of Satan worshippers and all that sort of stuff.”

“A man who does evil things and worships an evil one, how can he win over a man who wants to do good things and preach good stuff? It ain’t going to happen,” Fury said. “He can’t beat me now. Now I know what he is, a devil worshipper, I know he has no chance of beating me.”

Fury is a devout christian and repeatedly thanked his “lord and savior” after his upset victory over Klitschko a week ago. But for the record, there is no evidence that Wladimir Klitschko actually worships the devil.

Fury and Klitschko’s rematch will surely be the most hyped heavyweight title fight in years, and will likely take place in either April or May of next year. While Fury is open to having it in Germany again, Klitschko’s home base, he and his team are reportedly pushing for the rematch to take place at Wembley Stadium in London. Klitschko has opened up as a small betting favorite.

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