WATCH: Irish Hooligans Took Over Vegas After Conor McGregor Won....And It's Incredible (Videos)

December 14, 2015

-OpeningRound Staff

These clips of Conor McGregor fans from his native Ireland may be even more entertaining than his 13 second KO win over Jose Aldo Saturday night. McGregor is one of the biggest draws in all of combat sports, and one of the reasons why would be his devoted Irish fanbase. In fact, one flight to Vegas for the fight had to be turned back to JFK airport because a group of McGregor fans from Ireland were being too drunk and unruly. Once McGregor won though, the party really started.

In this clip below, a fan climbed on top of the giant gold lion in the center of the MGM Grand lobby and then stood on top of the lion with an Irish flag draped over his shoulders. The MGM, both to hype the fight and protect the lion, put up a miniature UFC octagon surrounding it, however that did not stop this guy. Security then chased the guy much to the dismay of the other fans.

But it didn’t stop there. As security dealt with him, another rabid fan, not to be outdone, climbed the cage too! Security then had their hands full with him too.


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In typical Las Vegas fashion, the party continued all night as fans continued to take over the MGM and loudly sang songs and proudly waved Irish flags.

Even though fight night was chaotic for the MGM Grand and their security personnel, we’re guessing that they wouldn’t mind having another McGregor fight. The fight did so well at the MGM, that it was the second highest live gate of all time in the UFC at $10.1 million.

The future is certainly bright for McGregor and his fan base. Conor’s career can only go up from his thrilling victory, and he is inching closer and closer to mainstream superstardom. He could possibly fight Frankie Edgar next who had a very impressive KO of Chad Mendes the night before UFC 194-the very same Chad Mendes who McGregor initially defeated for the interim featherweight title. McGregor has his sights set even further however-he wants to be the first UFC fighter to ever hold two belts simultaneously in two weight classes. “There will be a belt on one shoulder and a belt on the other shoulder,” he said. “When I go for that Lightweight belt and take that Lightweight belt, I will still be the Featherweight champion also. I will be a dual-weight champion, there’s no going up and vacating.”

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